Rule 1 Each participant has to submit 1 NFL team to win each week. If your team wins you advance, if your team loses you are eliminated. Each participant can only pick an NFL team once in the course of the season per entry (during the NFL Playoffs you may choose a team multiple times).

    Rule 2 There is a $20.00 entry fee per participant ($100 for Survivor Gold) all money must be paid prior to the start of week of the pool. All money collected goes to the pool winner. If there is a tie after The Superbowl the money is divided among the remaining participants. When the pool gets down to 3 or less participants they can elect to split the money between them, however the vote must be unanimous.

    Rule 3 All picks must be submitted via the web site and must contain your screen name, your password, and your pick. The web pages will refresh every 10 minutes. Before the start of the games please double check that your pick is correct. If there is a problem e-mail us ASAP. If you already submitted your pick and you and want to change it you can as long as the games involving your teams have not started. Make sure you submit your pick to the correct pool.

    Rule 4 If all participants are eliminated in the same week, those participants will be alive for the following week, anybody eliminated prior to that week is still eliminated.

    Rule 5 You must register before you can submit your first pick.

    Rule 6 If an NFL game ends in a tie or a push in the playoffs and you have one of those teams, YOU LOSE. You must win to advance.

    Rule 7 All pools will continue throughout the NFL playoffs.
    Rule 7a Once the NFL playoffs start you will be able to choose a team multiple times.
    Rule 7b For all NFL playoff games you will be picking against a point spread that will be posted on the website (ties against the point spread lose).

    Rule 8 This is a non-profit pool, all collected points go to the pool winner or winners.